Kopinga Marae

The entrance to Kopinga Marae

The Ancestor: Rongomaiwhenua offers his protection to all who enter. His younger brother; Rongomaitere stands vigil at the other side of the meeting house.

2 thoughts on “Kopinga Marae

  1. Kia Ora ,

    My wife Mihi kite Kapua (rongomaiwahine) and I Rob,her husband, met in feb 2007 two ladies from the Chatham Islands in the whare near Hastings hospital .
    These Maori ladies were escorting their daughters to St.Josephs School in Tarradale/Napier.
    I would like to get in contact with them but have no names or adresses other than that they also attended St Josephs when they were young.
    Could anyone perhaps help me, it could not be all that hard in a small community as yours.

    Hoping you will be able to help . Regards Robert Van, Holland

  2. Kia ora
    I would love to make contact somehow to see if I could replace a treasured momento for my husband on his upcoming 50th birthday. He bought a ball cap at the Marae about 3 or 4 years ago and recently lost it. He was quite upset. If I could forward you a photo or two, is there a chance it might be replaced by the same cap? Many thanks!
    nga mihi nui
    Cathy Kern Betts

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