Tairanga Moriori

The re and tikanga of Tairanga Moriori (the Moriori people)

It is with gladness and enthusiasm that I can announce that finally, there will be publication of pro-Moriori documents or Journals by Learning Media on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

On the 9th of March 2011, the Minister of Education, the delightfully forward Anne Tolley, will launch a series of publications at Kopinga Marae on Rekohu. These contain 12 stories of Moriori.

This is not the end, this is the beginning.

Finally; a generation of kiwi kids will be given correct information, from a Government department, about Moriori. What is now needed, is for Teachers to pick these books up, to use them to teach with and for kids to be taught that they hold the future of a people in them.

Kia mau ki to Morioritanga.

(Hold fast to your Moriori culture)

2 thoughts on “Culture

  1. Is there now a link to these journals? We are curious about the creation beliefs of the Moriori.

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