For those in denial that there ever was a genocide perpetrated against the Moriori, do some research and look at what constitutes genocide. There are supposedly 8 recognisable stages to Genocide. By the way, google “genocide stages moriori” and go and look at some of the results. Very interesting. Not always accurate, but certainly interesting … More Genocide


The process of subjugation through alienation and marginalisation continues unabated on the islands of Rekohu. Moriori; those resilient people that lived here at the edge of the world, undisturbed for centuries until the blundering European discovery of their misty isles took them down a pathway of horror and hatred that few New Zealanders even know … More Irrelevant?

Marginalise, frustrate, eliminate

Hokotehi Moriori Trust is the mandated legal body entitled and empowered by its members to represent the Moriori people in everything from Treaty claims to commercial activities. Hokotehi owns Chatham Lodge¬†and Kopinga Marae and operates a number of commercial and cultural ventures around these facilities. Hokotehi also is partially responsible for administering finances designed and … More Marginalise, frustrate, eliminate

Taking aim

But providing wider education choices is not the answer. It is merely a possible consequence of getting it right. What we need to create on the Chatham Islands, is the perception that it is an awesome place to live, work, raise kids and retire too. That it is the next land of milk and honey. … More Taking aim