Tena Ko

This Rekohu blog is managed by me with a lot of advice from you.

I must stress that the words and opinions on these pages are either my own, or I have stolen them (Nah not really…..). They do not necessarily represent the views of either Te Imi Moriori or of Hokotehi Moriori Trust. I am not paid to write this and I receive no thanks or accolades for doing so. These are strictly my views and opinions about the stuff that goes on, or has occurred on Rekohu.

I would dearly love for a few more responses to some of my points, but due to the lack of that, everyone obviously agrees with me?

Who I am is not important. What I say, also is not overly important, in the greater schem of life. What you think about what I say is important.

If you disagree, or even if you agree, make a comment. If its too “out there” I reserve the right to modify or exclude it from the blog, but come on, give it a go.


Do you like the photograph? THESE Tamariki are the future of Rekohu. They are our new Taonga. We should all treasure them as we do our other possessions.

 I look forward to hearing from you

Me Rongo


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tena ko!

    A very interesting website, have just discovered it! I am planning to visit NZ and Rekohu in 2010. Currently I am collecting literature on Moriori and Rekohu. By the way: do you know of “A Grammar of the Moriori Language”, a PhD-thesis by Sarah Galbraith of Auckland University? Please let me know if you do. I have many more questions but “one thing at a time”. I look forward to hearing from you!



  2. I have really enjoyed reading your articles. I just happened to come across them as i was seaching the net on the Chatham Islands. You may know me and my wife Pat. We lived on the Chathams 1966 – 71 and again from 1991 – 98. We were the Ministers for the Christian Fellowship in Te One. I would love to hear from you so that I can encourage you in your writing.

  3. The problem with the Waitangi Tribunal Report was it was not given out until 8 years after teh event. And the question to ask is” who wrote it?”
    It is terrible important to have independant experts to such important work such as writing a report tht has such significant impact upon people’s lives. Alan Ward and a number of other’s have done significant works in this field .

  4. I dont have a problem with it, but I am assuming that you do. That said, I am then also presuming that you do not agree with it. Perhaps that may be related to YOUR hokopapa?????? I seldom get anyone of Ngati Mutunga descent agreeing with anything that I write here and I often exercise my editorial discretion and delete the more extreme responses, although read on and you will see one that I let slip through.
    Whether or not the report was released 8 years after the event is irrelevant and dubious. That does not detract from the importance of what happened.
    Just read the bloody thing and take it on board. If you are suggesting that the writer was biased I have to ask, is that because you dont agree with what they said? Get over it for God’s sake. If I were a Pakeha does that give me the right to disagree with ALL Tribunal reports because they go in favour of Maori? NO. And its not about Win some lose some. We are talking about the very Mana of a people. The process of restoring that mana began with that report. If it were wrong (and I sincerely doubt that it is) the outcome is right.

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