97 Percent and Justice

With all the happenings on Rekohu and out on mainland NZ and with Hokotehi having a fresh mandate to engage with the crown, how interesting to see a bit of public interest in the outcome for Moriori. (About time?)

I see social media being used to gain support for the ’cause’ and probably appropriately so to. The crown are never going to give Moriori what they are rightfully entitled to. Justice (according to the Crown) will involve lots of concessions by Moriori. I can hear it now already: “but why not share it with the entire Island or with Ngati Mutunga for mutual benefit?”  Why the hell should they share anything with anyone? Just because that makes it more politically expedient and presentable and removes the discomfort of having to really engage with Moriori and acknowledge the wrongs that have been (and continue to be ) done.

97I like what I see in the Justice4Moriori facebook page about 97% and Justice. That is an aspirational goal, but aim high and still succeed fellas.

Yes. Thats right: stop the genocide. Someone said to me very recently that you cant blame the Government for everything thing that happened to Moriori. Well actually, you can. Its really quite simple. The Crown / Government has a treaty with the natives of New Zealand and in that treaty it says that it will guarantee them protection (as well as a few other things that never happended either). And even if you dont subscribe to that aspect and must hold to the view that the treaty is between Maori (and not maori) and the Crown, Moriori are just that. The Waitangi Tribunal ruled that Moriori are eligible as they are descendants of the same ancestors that todays Maori are, ergo: they are Maori and therefore entitled to protection under the treaty.

But the Chathams was not part of NZ when the treaty was signed. Firstly: the treaty was not written to only apply to those people that signed it and not the following generations, so when the Chathams came into New Zealand ‘ownership; 2 years later…… bingo all those Natives of New Zealand were ‘covered’.

But Moriori didnt sign the treaty: nor did half the Maori tribes of New Zealand- but they are still covered by the treaty (read above AGAIN) Sorry, but duh!

So what has the government done that has contributed to the genocide of Moriori? Well they let it happen for a start. they never did anything to stop the abuse, the slavery, the murder and mutilation, the slow (actually , it wasnt that slow) steady destruction of a people, the ethnic cleansing, the public ridiculing and the blatant marganilisation of Moriori – all designed (whether deliberate or not) to further erode their mana and future.

In the schools it is mandatory to acknowledge and teach about Maoridom, the tikanga and Te reo. There is no compunction to learn about Moriori. Most parents in NZ would never have heard of Moriori, yet they are an important part of NZ history and an important model of peace in a crazy world.

anyway. I for one support the 97 percent and justice cry. Good on them. #Justice4Moriori



4 thoughts on “97 Percent and Justice

  1. Interesting. I never had an interest in the Chatham Islands until I went to New Plymouth and saw a painting of Te Whiti in the Govatt/Brewster gallery. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I did not know much about Te Whiti other than pacifism. I just bawled. A year later I kept getting Chatham Islanders in my mind’s eye…and Rakiura. I can’t find anything much about any connection though I was amazed to read about the Auckand Is story. So now I really want to go to the Chathams…am called to this place.

  2. Te Whiti the great and peaceful teacher and prophet of Maoridom shared a similar philosophy and deep held belief to that of Moriori

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