For those in denial that there ever was a genocide perpetrated against the Moriori, do some research and look at what constitutes genocide. There are supposedly 8 recognisable stages to Genocide. By the way, google “genocide stages moriori” and go and look at some of the results. Very interesting. Not always accurate, but certainly interesting nonetheless.

Classification: Us= Maori  and them = Moriori

Symbolsation: The Moriori’s distinct culture,ethics, and way of life that set them apart from others . The percieved weakness of their pacifist ways. This was emphasised to illustrate just how weak and sub-human Moriori were.

Dehumanisation: Referring to them as possessions, inhuman, inanimate. “We took possession,… in accordance with our customs, and we caught all the people. Not one of them escaped.”  Referring to them as

Organisation: Maori were organised. Two separate trips on a sailing ship to a land of kai and a weak (soon to be) foe. Maori divided the Island into two halves, one per Tribe.

Polarisation: After the initial slaughter, and despite ongoing random killings Maori deliberately impregnated as many Moriori women as they could in order to erase the pure Moriori lineage. Moriori were forbidden to consort or produce offspring.

Preparation: Maori had arranged for TWO separate trips to the island by the ship, delivering two sets of Maori. Maori went there well-armed, with clubs and muskets.

Identification: At the time of the arrival of Maori, Moriori were easily identified by their clothing and physical appearance. After the onslaught, those that survived were treated as the

Expropriation: Their land was taken as was their possessions, their hunting rights, their tribal areas their mana and their dignity.

Concentration: Taken from their kainga and herded like animals. Those from Rangihaute were dragged across and assembled with others for slaughter or slavery. Bound together and herded together.

Transportation: Groups pf Moriori were sent away. 22 to the Auckland Islands alone.

Extermination: The initial onslaught accounted for some 300 Moriori men, women and children, many of whom were eaten. By then forbidding union between surviving couples and impregnating as many as possible, this began the process of extermination.

Denial: It didnt happen. There is no such thing as Moriori. They are not able to claim under the treaty. It wasnt really that bad. That was what we did then. It was our custom. Moriori: myth or legend?,


No, of course genocide never happened in New Zealand, in the Chathams. No, no, no.

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