Get with the programme!

Tena Ko

Yes. I need to get with the programme. I have been very remiss of late and have not had the time or the opportunity to keep this site updated and I have been very rude to several guests who have kindly submitted comments. I apologise for my inaction. (Well,…inaction on this site maybe!)

News and views from the motu: I see that Hokotehi Moriori Trust need a pat on the back for finally getting their own website up and runningf, and what a site. Its a beauty and obviously built by someone with some skills. The builder(s) are some outfit called DNA and they are located in Wellington.

Also Moriori have done some really good work with their School Camps website and the Education Resources sites as well. It all helps to get the real stories out there if they have multiple websites telling the story. Obviously the changes underway on the Chatham Lodge site will eventually settle down? and we can look forward to that site looking a bit more appealing, or is the rumour true that it will be called Henga Lodge soon?  Speaking about that, how is the global recession impacting on Chatham Lodge and tourism in general on the Islands? Is it really that bad?

I believe that eventually the visitor industry down here will recieve a boost from the increaseisitors crawling across the mainland. We will have to wait and see on that one.

Kopinga Marae is generating quite a lot of interest across the web lately as people are becoming aware of what and who Moriori are. The best thing that you (or I ) can do for Moriori on the web is to create as many links as you can to their websites as that will increase search engine coverage and therefore increase peoples knowledge of Moriori and the issues.

The websites that want or NEED links are:  and   and and

If you can simply create a couple of links to those sites, you will increase the exposure of Moriori and you will play a part in helping them to gain their recognition and rightful place in society.

I realise that this posting is not the usual politically incorrect posting that you all have been waiting for, and I am sorry. NO I have not gone soft, merely busy. Give me a week or two and I’ll give you something more riveting or controversial, or something.

To Terry and the other commentators, I really do apologise that your comments were kept waiting so long.

Totally unacceptable.

Me rongo


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