So what did happen way back in 1835? Well the situation on Rekohu at the time was something like this: There were some 1700 Moriori living there, and some 30 odd European sealers, two or three New Zealand Maori and one or two ‘others’ of mixed ancestry or origin. Either way the peaceful Moriori were … More Invasion

In 2005 The Prime Minister of New Zealand, The Right Honourable Helen Clark, opened the new Kopinga Marae. This was the first time that Moriori have had such acknowledgement of their place in┬ásociety, history and in┬áthe culture of New Zealand. For over 160 years, Moriori have suffered from enslavement, vilification, death and despair. Today the … More

Me Rongo

Map of Rekohu Welcome to this first blog of the new Chatham Islands site. On this site and in future blogs you will find information on the history, cultures and environment of this exciting and unique island group. Known to the Moriori, who have lived there for many hundreds of years, as Rekohu, the Chatham … More Me Rongo